Babushka Delight

As a child, Liz’s father did the bulk of the cooking in their home. Norm Robinson was a creative and resourceful culinary artist, never cooking from a recipe and always applying the creativity required when feeding a family on a meager budget. As a hungry child, when Liz began smelling tasty aromas waft from the kitchen she would consistently ask, “Dad, what’s for dinner?” And much to her chagrin he would he would respond, “Babushka Delight…and then insert a random number.” A variation of Baked Ziti would be called Babushka Delight #14 and Pork Chops and Rice entitled Babushka Delight #982…no rhyme or reason for the numbering system and never a dish or number repeated. Night after night, meal after meal, our table and stomachs were warmed with a series of meals made by a loving father each entitled Babushka Delight. As a child, anxious for dinner, Liz found his predictable answer a bit silly. Now, as an adult, when contemplating the daily questions, what shall we have for dinner?” she hears the trusted words of her father ringing clearly in her mind…”Well, tonight we are having Babushka Delight.”

Burke grew up working inside the delicious walls of a professional kitchen at his families business, Jacob Lake Inn nestled near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. While standing on milk crates Burke joined his parents to help peel potatoes, crack eggs, flip burgers, and sling hash. Through this process Burke developed the confidence of a chef, the speed of a line cook, and the creativity of a working mans Iron Chef.

Growing up in a foodie family has real benefits for a newly married couple. For Burke nothing brings a bigger smile than the potential of a handful of chopped onion, celery, carrot, and garlic sautéing in a few hearty splashes of a fine olive oil…and Liz is more than happy to sample the tasty outcomes.

Together Burke and Liz enjoy nothing more than a fine meal shared with family and friends. In keeping with tradition of both families, Babushka Delight is a collection of their favorite recipes and culinary creations.


The Texas Rich’s

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Babushka Delight #234

6 eggs
6 potatoes
1/4 onion
4 Tbs Garlic (I used the pre diced kind...but you can use fresh if you have the time)
2 sweet yellow peppers (small)
2 sweet red peppers (small)
2 sweet orange peppers (small)
Parmesan Cheese (have a cup or so never know how much you might want to use)
assorted cheese slices (Cheddar, Swiss, etc...but not American...that is not going to give a good texture in this application)
2 stalks celery (sort of medium...mine were getting a little flappy)
3 carrots (med)
1 can Chicken Broth
1/2 Gala Apple
assorted spices
Soy Sauce
Butter (the more the merrier)

Cooking Instructions:

Perform a medium to medium small chop onions, celery, peppers, carrots, apple and potatoes. Set the apples and potatoes aside in separate bowls. Mix the other chopped ingredients together in a bowl with the garlic with a little soy sauce.

In a large non stick deep sided fry pan (or a dutch over or similarly non stick pan) place a 1/2 stick of butter in to melt on med-low heat. When the butter is melted add the mixed chopped vegetables. When the onions are translucent, add the apples and let reduce. After a couple of minutes add the potatoes. If there seems to be a lack of oil...add more butter. This will make everything better and your tongue and body will thank you.

Turn oven on to 400 degrees and set aside (though you shouldn't try to move an oven...I guess I mean to let it do its heating thing and go about the rest of these instructions).

Stir ingredients together and brown potatoes. Add spices that you like and some chicken broth to finish cooking the potatoes with lid on pot.

Crack eggs into bowl. Scramble as much as will help to reduce stress but not so much that you get carpel tunnel. Up reaching a satisfactory level of scramblitude, set aside.

When potatoes are done, remove lid and let extra liquid steam off.

Add as much Parmesan cheese as you think you might enjoy (and your cholesterol medication can offset) and stir into the potatoes.

Add scrambled eggs and then cover the surface with the slices of cheese. Place in oven. Let sit until the cheese is melted.

Set the oven to Broil. Let the cheese brown to a darker shade of brown but not a caramel...that is getting too close to burned...

Pull from oven after this state is reached and then let stand for 10 to 15 minutes.

Place a plate or serving dish the same size as the pan that it was cooked in on top and turn the pan over to de-pan the BD#234.

Serve and enjoy!